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High School Students! Discover Your Passion for Advertising and Creativity with Flypaper's AdCamp

What is Flypaper's AdCamp?

AdCamp is an exciting event in which high school students prepare branding guidelines and an advertising campaign for a hypothetical restaurant. MSUM Flypaper students prepare the agenda and lead the day's events.

When is AdCamp?

Wednesday, April 17 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Lunch will be provided

A businessman with flowers for a head

Where is AdCamp?

AdCamp will take place at the MSUM Campus in Flora Frick 258. This amazing space is dedicated to MSUM Flypaper Creative Services, our student-run advertising and public relations agency.

Please park in lot G-2.

What is the cost to attend AdCamp?

AdCamp is free to all participants!

Do I register for AdCamp?

Please RSVP to before April 8. Please include your name and high school. Teachers - we love groups! Just sent us their names.

Tentative Agenda

10:00 AM

Welcome and Registration

10:30 AM

Big Ideas! A discussion of creativity with Dr. Kay Beckermann

11:00 AM

Canva overview with MSUM Flypaper students

11:30 AM

Group projects begin Lunch will be delivered at noon

1:00 PM

Campaign Presentations


Please send questions to

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