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The Addy Awards

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

As a student majoring in graphic and interactive design, I always strive to create work that stands out and makes an impact. That's why I was thrilled to learn that my entry to the North Dakota American Advertising Federation Awards had won a Golden ADDY, the highest level of recognition in advertising, in the category of Student Website Design.

The Student ADDY Awards in Fargo, ND, are part of the larger ADDY Awards competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The competition attracts entries from students and professionals in the advertising and marketing industry from all over the country. Entries are judged on creativity, execution, and effectiveness in achieving their objectives, among other criteria. Winning a Student ADDY Award is a valuable credential for students looking to enter the industry or to advance their careers before graduation.

My winning entry was a website design that aimed to promote the brand “Honey’s Orchard” (A concept brand I created for a class project) and the atmosphere/services they would provide their customers. For this project I designed the branding (logo, color scheme, icons, copywriting style, etc.), layout, and concept to create cohesive brand messaging for Honey’s Orchard.

Making this project was a challenging and rewarding process that involved lots of researching, brainstorming ideas, sketching concepts, refining, and executing the final product. I worked closely with my instructor and classmates to get feedback and made improvements along the way. The result was a piece of work that I was proud of and that represented my skills and vision as a designer.

When I learned that my entry had won a Golden ADDY Award, I was overjoyed. Seeing my work displayed alongside other outstanding entries and receiving the recognition from my creative peers was a surreal and motivating experience that inspired me to continue pursuing my passion for design and advertising.

Winning a ADDY award has been a major highlight of my academic and professional journey so far. It has shown me that hard work, creativity, and dedication can pay off and open doors to new opportunities and challenges. I look forward to applying the lessons and skills I have learned from this experience to future projects and collaborations, and to continue contributing to the exciting and dynamic world of design and advertising.

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