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Social media advertisements

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This pink ad was made to announce to our customers and followers that Smokes 4 Less recently received some NEW beanie hats. With winter right around the corner in the F-M area. Everyone knows how cold it gets. We don’t carry winter hats all year long, so this ad was to announce that a new seasonal product was now in stock! This post also has 4 other pictures showing off the different colors.

This red and black post was made and posted across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The purpose of this post was to recruit new employees. This post was successful because there was engagement, not only did Smokes 4 Less post it but they also had their employees share it to their Facebook page as well.

This post was made to advertise a sale. “Spend $100 on a water pipe & get a free grinder!” Not only is this advertisement effective, it actually offers the customer something in return. An incentive to take advantage of this sale. It has an aesthetically pleasing layout, a nice picture, the business name, town the business is located in, the details of the sale/incentive, sale guidelines, and most importantly it advertises “SALE” in the huge letters.

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