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What is PRSSA

Have you ever wondered what PRSSA stands for? Yea, me too. Whilst attending this class last semester, I was approached with the opportunity to attend a PRSSA meeting. Did I know what it was? I had no idea, but after going to a few meetings, I felt like I was officially a member.

What is PRSSA and what do we do?

“PRSSA is not a club. It is the premier national student organization for students interested in careers in the public relations and communications fields. It offers professional and personal development beyond the classroom and the practical experience employers are looking for. We promote and follow the PRSA Code of Ethics, initiate programming that advances diversity in the profession and care deeply about mentorship at all levels.”

People often misconstrue student organizations as boring and/or pointless, but PRSSA is far from. PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. Students all over the United States, Argentina, Columbia, and Peru are faced with the opportunity to take part in this organization. During a typical PRSSA meeting, you will find a breakdown of what we will talk about. After discussing our upcoming meeting, we will work on our projects. PRSSA gives you the opportunity to plan events, tour agencies, network with professionals, attend PR conferences, and so much more!

What does PRSSA offer for your future?

“We are more than events and meetings — we are here to help you get the internship before graduation and get the job after graduation. We’ll help you write a great cover letter, design a beautiful resume, provide interview tips and build your personal brand. We want you to discover the variety of career paths public relations offers and find what you’re most passionate about.”

PRSSA encourages lots of networking while attending conferences and/or just attending an everyday meeting. This year, PRSSA members had the opportunity to attend the PRSA Midwest District Conference in Bloomington this past month. During this meeting, they were delighted with connecting with PR professionals such as Dave Neuger and communications professionals from the Mall of America. By being a member, your job opportunities have expanded by almost 50%. Having these chances to expand your resume ensures that someone in Peru might offer you a job to plan events at a startup company, or that someone in Washington could obtain your resume and extend an offer to said company in Peru and so on and so forth. My point being that whether you are majoring in Advertising/Public Relations or not,, PRSSA could benefit you in more ways than you think.


“Participating in a student organization not only teaches you leadership skills but also helps you broaden and improve those you already have. You'll learn the best way to communicate with both individuals and large groups, and you'll gain emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships.”

Being a member isn’t always about feeling obligated to show up to meetings and hanging around because you have to, it can also be about having a sense of community. Being in PRSSA has given me the experience of a lifetime, feeling whole in my major and finally understanding why I chose advertising and PR. Besides feeling whole, I have also gained self-confidence while being in PRSSA. I feel as if I can speak up for myself during meetings, and finally give my peers input and advice in AD/PR situations.

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