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5 signs you should Major in Advertising and Public Relations

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

So you're considering majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Congratulations! Choosing a major is hard and can be a big source of stress for many students. It’s difficult to know what will be a good fit before you get hands-on experience. Here are 5 skills that might mean a degree in Advertising and PR is right for you.

  1. Creativity is your default mode. Your creative mind is probably what brought you to advertising in the first place. Whether you are interested in writing dramatic commercials or planning splashy print ads, a creative mind will be one of your biggest assets in communications.

  2. You love telling stories. Advertising and PR are both all about getting your business’ or organization’s story out to the world. As a communications professional you’ll need to look at your company's messy, everyday business and find a cohesive story that people can understand and relate to.

  3. When you see a problem, you need to solve it. Advertising is, at its core, all problem solving. You’ll take problems like, ‘how do we get more people to see our product,’ and generate solutions based on your goals and mission.

  4. Group work is your favorite work. Collaboration is key in communications! Whether that is working with clients, the public or your incredible colleagues, nothing is better than a team jiving and creating together.

  5. Curiosity is your way of life. Asking good questions is one of the most useful skills you’ll develop in your Advertising and PR degree. In a field that is constantly changing, an excitement to learn about your clients, your competition and the ever-changing communications landscape will be an asset.

Think Advertising and PR is a good fit? We’d love to see you at MSUM and at Flypaper. You can learn more at or connect with current students here at Flypaper. Meet Flypaper's current students here, or say hello to our fearless faculty advisor, Dr. Kay Beckermann, here.

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