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My Experience in MSUM's Flypaper

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Hello, my name is Tyler Duclos, and I will be writing about the experience I have had with Flypaper this semester. Going into Flypaper, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was nervous about the potential large workload and lack of experience. The first day was a good yet overwhelming introduction into the class. I remember sitting there kind of freaking out about not being able to find success due to, as stated my very little client experience. After the introduction/overview we started picking teams. Kay was going through teams and I was waiting for one to jump into that interested me. We got to a sports related client, and I jumped on the opportunity. I joined that team and met Matt Walter and Wyatt Carlson and we quickly got to work.

The team I joined was previously established the semester before, and Matt had worked on it that semester. Wyatt and I were relieved we were working with someone who was familiar with the client and that eased our minds a little. Wyatt and I came in with new energy and learned what we could about the client and found out new ways to help him that the previous team had not established in their contract. So we started creating more ideas for a contract, and attempted to contact the client. We tried contacting him and continuously got no response. We realized quickly that the client had no intention of working with Flypaper this semester due to his radio silence and had to move on and find a new client to work with.

This experience was a good one to have, to learn your services may not be sometimes and you need to not take it to heart, move on and keep working towards bettering your team and finding a new client to help. After we ended our connection with the previous client, we started looking for another one and keeping our current team together. Thankfully we found a business in Fargo, who was open to utilizing our services. We met with him in person, discussed what he could possibly need our help with, and realized we had a good connection, so we went to work on a contract for him, and we're currently in the execution phase and it’s all going very well.

Overall Flypaper thus far has been a great experience. I have learned great skills to communicate with clients, learn to deal with rejection and not let that get to you. We have had speakers and people in the business listen to our pitches and offer up their opinions and help get a better sense at how your current plan is going and ways to make it better. I have learned more ways to work as a team and made more great friends while being in Flypaper, and I can’t wait to further my experience next semester.

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