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Dig deep. Authenticity in advertising

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

MSUM Flypaper Creative Services & shout out to Absolute Studios Spring 2022

Finding your creative voice can be difficult. Often, we want to seek out what others have done, hoping to find our own inspiration. The best advice we have learned has been to dig deep and challenge yourself to take risks, you may fail big – or you may find wild success. Many thanks to Absolute Studios for their assistance in helping us find our creative side!

  1. Aggregate Ideas Brainstorming or ‘mind mapping’ are great ways to inspire creativity. Getting together in a safe space during idea generation is key.

  2. Fail Big! Remove barriers and dig deep. Break free of parameters. Easy has already been done, the best is hard to come by. Avoid imitation. Take those (calculated) risks.

  3. Don’t Force it Take breaks when you hit a block. Put it in the crockpot and let it simmer. Take a walk outside in nature if possible. ‘Phone-a-friend’ and have those ‘brain jam’ sessions.

  4. Check your Ego Be confident, value your ideas. However, everyone has a part to play on a team. Don’t argue – use logic and data.

  5. Authentic Voice Don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Find the element of surprise. Let originality and creativity stand out.

Authentic creativity takes time. Find your original voice. Hone your ideas. Build on it, make innovative ideas even better. Be different than what has been done already.

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