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  • Simone Lewald

6 tips on marketing yourself, service, or business for beginners

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Do you find yourself lost trying to market yourself in the business world? Marketing can be a bit tricky when you don’t know where to start or know what direction to take. This is especially true when new trends and applications seem to be created almost daily. This blog will go over six very strategic ways to get customer recognition and help you establish yourself, your service, or your business quickly and with widespread awareness.


While some may think business cards are a very old school way to get name recognition, you'd be shocked to see how many people still use them today. According to News Trail, 27 million business cards are printed daily (Sequeira 13). With that in mind, having business cards won’t be a waste of money to print and many find it an affordable option. Whether you are handing them out to people you meet, you should also plan to be strategic about where you place the cards. Ideas for business card placement include leaving them in mailboxes, public bulletin boards, mailing campaigns, waiting rooms, community centers, and social gatherings or meetups.

What to include in a business card.

  • Logo

  • Name and Title

  • Contact Info.

  • Business Address

  • QR code linking to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and/or company website

  • Colorful background


Our next suggestion is to create an online portfolio. Online portfolios will amplify your targeted audience. Creating an online portfolio offers background as to who you are as a professional and can increase the connection to possible clients. In addition, this type of portfolio is a great way to market your work and provide insight on your skills. Additionally, a portfolio link address is a strong addition to your social channels and your business card.

Ways to build a free online portfolio.

  • WIX


  • Squarespace


FIVERR is a profitable way to market yourself. FIVERR is a global website for freelancers to get business and provide digital service. If you specialize in creating digitized work like copywriting, photoshop, advertisements, or newsletter writing then this website is for you. Fiverr is on the list because it allows you to gain professional experience. You can also establish online visibility and credibility for your services. You can showcase your completed FIVERR work through your online portfolio.


If you enjoy the camera, then TikTok may be for you! TikTok is a popular platform to get attention for your company, services, and products. Creativity and originality are the way to go with TikTok. This platform is a solid way to showcase your ideas and connect with your audience.

What to make your TikTok Channel about -

  • How To Videos.

  • Showcase your advertising videos.

  • Create content for your business.

  • Showcase products.


Now this step is not for everyone as podcasting is a bit more difficult depending on the person, product, or service. However, podcasting is effective for reaching more people and diversifying your marketing platforms. Podcasting is ideal if what you are offering is interesting for listeners. Additionally, podcasts are convenient because your target audience can listen and learn from anywhere. Do a little digging and see if a podcast is a right fit for you or your company.

Podcasting websites to get you started

  • Podbean

  • SoundCloud

  • Buzzsprout


Connecting with a variety of people is easier than ever before. Reaching out to new people through social media may feel a little intimidating when you are first starting but, it's the best way to market yourself. Start with creating a comfortable script that can be sent to people that have the same incentive as you. Go on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These are all popular applications to reach out to future clients. Let the individual you are connecting with know who you are and what you are offering. After initial contact there may be an opportunity to offer sponsorships, ask for collaborations, or build other professional connections.

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