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8 Important Tips for Your Small Business Social Media

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Small businesses don’t have to stay local! Thanks to the internet, anyone can be your customer no matter how far away they live. Today we have the gift of social media, and it holds a lot of power. Products and businesses go viral all the time on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, all you need is one happy customer to post their thoughts on your product and business.

Social media is also free marketing. It is important for a small business to be present on social media so that they can reach a bigger audience and increase sales. Below are some suggestions on what to do on your small businesses’ social media page:

1. Link to website/shop

People viewing your profile can visit your website in one click and start shopping right away. This will make their life easier, so they don’t have to Google your business and it will help increase traffic to your website.

2. Add location

People tend to enjoy supporting small local businesses, so letting viewers know where you are based out of. By including a location, even if it is generalized to the city or state, you can intrigue people to visit your store in person or maybe save on shipping costs.

3. Include a short description

Sharing a little information about your goals and more about the products you are selling is a good way to keep people interested. This is an opportunity for people checking out your page to learn a little bit more about your goals and business.

4. Have consistency with content

Your profile page should look like the vegetable section of the supermarket after they just restocked it. Your content should have similar filters and give off the same vibe to ensure people can recognize its your brand without even looking at the username.

5. Establish a brand voice

Like having consistency with content, you want to have a voice that will resonate with your target audience and match the message you want to portray. Brand voice can be determined through slang, punctuation, emojis, and the layout of the captions. Keeping it consistent is key.

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6. Use hashtags

Hashtags are important when users are searching for specific content and reach new audiences. Using relevant hashtags will help people find your page and increase traffic to it.

7. Boost posts

Boosting posts does cost money but the ROI is worth it. Boosting posts will assist in reaching a greater audience and encouraging them to check your website out. As a social media user myself, I like to look at the sponsored posts that appearp on my feed and sometimes make a purchase; therefore, boosting posts can definitely pay off.

8. Share posts via story

Sharing your own posts to your story will increase the chance of people viewing them. When people enter an app such as Instagram or Facebook, the stories are right on the top and users tend to look through stories more often than scrolling the entire length of their feed. This means that if your content is shared on your story, then those who view stories will run into and those who scroll will also see it.


These tips are important because if someone comes across your social media profile they will be captured by the aesthetic and consistency, pushing them toward viewing your website and purchasing your products.

One thing I have noticed when looking at companies or businesses social media accounts is their content is all over the place and there is too much repeat material. Users will start to ignore your posts if they appear the same. You want to catch the user’s eye and encourage them to visit your page. When someone goes on your page it should look like the posts are related. Use a color palette and similar filters to make each post flow together. This will help with brand voice as well.

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