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A Little Secret...

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Sometimes professors have no idea what they are doing.

When I started the process of reinstating Flypaper last spring, I had some ideas of what we should accomplish and only a vague inkling of how it was going to happen. I compared my ideas about Flypaper to Doctor Who's description of time: wibbly wobbly.

Ideas solidified over the summer as I got involved with other student-run agency professors. Advice was gathered and recorded, potential clients were identified and approached, and a multitude of meetings were held. I felt we had a solid hold on Flypaper.

Then classes started and the first few weeks were barely controlled chaos. All good chaos, but chaos nonetheless. We were starting a business in addition to working with five new clients. Each class meeting revolved around brief client updates, committee work, and client work. Students were meeting for hours outside of class to plan our new logo and branding strategies; another group was conducting a social media audit for the School of Communication and Journalism; while yet another was designing a new space and creating a budget for equipment and furniture. On top of all this, they had other classes to attend, homework to finish, jobs to complete, and so much more.

Needless to say, I am incredibly thankful to have such a patient and flexible crew of Flypaper students making this wibbly wobbly idea a reality!

Things have calmed down and we figured out how to make things work smoothly. I am grateful for the honesty and ideas students contribute on how to make this business run successfully. They will leave their legacy at MSUM through Flypaper Creative Services.

Until next time...

Dr. B

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