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Behind the Scenes: Building MSUM’s Flypaper

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Building a company has a lot of moving parts to it. From deciding on the branding, designing the workspace, writing proposals and so much more. This is all before we even start to work with clients. If anyone came into the Flypaper room over the past two weeks, they would have seen barely organized chaos.

MSUM’s Flypaper has fifteen students to help us run smoothly. All fifteen of us are in various committees that will help meet our goals. As we start our agency our branding committee has been very busy. Without knowing the brand voice, colors, imaging, logos, etc. we won’t be consistent across all platforms. The biggest step for this committee was deciding our logos and color palette so that our social media committee can build our presence there. The two students involved in this committee have been putting in a lot of extra time outside of class hours so that everything else is able to progress in a timely matter.

Now that we have more of our branding standards in place and imagery that we’re able to use, our social media and website committees can start to implement our branding tactics. Our social media committee also has the task of deciding what platforms to use, and if all posts would be shared on all of the platforms or just certain ones. The website committee is currently in the process of doing a full revamp from fonts, to colors, to content that is in place on the website.

Our space design committee is in charge of designing our new agency office. The old room that we had was tiny, barely able to comfortably fit five of us. They are teaming up with the Grant Writing team, so they are able to work on their proposal for MSUM administration for the cost estimates and what we’d like for our new space.

Overall the entire Flypaper has been hard at work to make sure our agency is successful. Want to learn more about us and what we do? Be sure to check out the Flypaper Update to learn more!

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