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What is MSUM Flypaper and How does it work?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Here at MSUM Flypaper, we are very excited to be getting our operation up and running. Our advisor, Dr. Kay Beckermann has done such a wonderful job providing us with the structure and tools necessary to be able to provide our creative services to local businesses. First of all we want to thank you for visiting our website, and thank you again for checking out our blog. Our blog is a place where you can come to read up on all things public relations and advertising related. You will be able to hear from all of our agency members as the year goes on and have the opportunity to engage with us through our social media pages. We look forward to opening your mind and sparking your interest with these blog posts.

For this blog post I want to do just a quick update on how things are going on our end. We have connected with our five current clients. Our process right now is to reach out to our perspective clients with a questionnaire so we can assess their needs and also our ability to meet those needs. Fortunately, there is little that our team cannot do. We have graphic designers, copywriters, and account managers. As students looking to get experience in our chosen fields, we are eager to help out with as much as we possibly can while also fostering great relationships with our clients.

If you are interested in working with us you can inquire through this website or email us at

We provide a free consultation where we will talk with you about what kinds of things you are looking for, at that point if we can help you meet your goals we will draw up a proposal plan on how we can do that for you. Once we go over our proposal then you may decide if you would like to proceed working with us and sign a contract. We do all our work for a flat fee of $150. If you choose not to sign the contract and go a different route, we totally understand and wish you the best.

Our process is simple and was created with our clients in mind. We want you to feel comfortable trusting us with your business. If you do decide to sign a contract with us, we would be honored to add you to our growing list of clients. Book us while we still got room!

Things are off to a great start for our new little agency and we want to keep it that way. Please if you are interested at all in enlisting our services, we are happy to help!

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