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Branding: The Basics

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

What brand comes to mind when you see the color red, a little white dog with a red spot, or the words “Expect More. Pay less.” If you said Target, you guessed correctly. It isn’t by accident that these things remind you of the international brand. These pieces and more have been strategically chosen to represent Target’s brand.

Branding is the set of images, colors, fonts, etc. that a business uses to represent their brand in the market. Having a cohesive brand presence is crucial to ensure brand recognition and keep your brand at the forefront of consumer’s brains.


Logos are one of the most important components of your business’s brand. A good logo is simple, recognizable, and versatile. Your logo is used for almost every marketing campaign, product, or idea associated with your company. It is essentially the first impression consumers receive of your brand, so it is crucial to make it a good one.

Color Palette

Another key piece of branding is your color palette. Colors can help set the mood or tone of your brand. Cool-toned colors (like blue or green) can give a calming effect for the audience. Banks often use shades of blue in their logo to provide a sense of trust and sooth any worries a consumer may have. Whichever colors you choose, they will help share your story and increase brand recognition.


Some brands even specify which fonts they want to represent their brand. For example, at MSUM Flypaper our chosen font is Lobster. It is used in our logo and most of our social media posts. This helps keep everything visually cohesive and helps people recognize our posts easier!


Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” phrase is another element of branding, a slogan. These are typically only a few words that say something important about your brand. Target is emphasizing their low prices with their slogan. Another brand, Nike, coined the very popular slogan “Just do it.”

Once you’ve chosen all the pieces needed for your brand, you can start putting together campaigns! Remember to use only your brand fonts and colors, this helps let consumers know the message is coming from you. It is important to ensure all content being shared externally has a similar look and feel.

It may take a while before people can recall your brand from something as simple as a color, but with proper execution, branding can have a huge impact on how consumers view your brand in the market!

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