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Designing the Flypaper Office Space

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Every Flypaper team and committee is important in building this brand new, student-run agency. Being part of the space design team, we spent many hours planning what our workspace should look like. By using the branding team’s color palette, we started the process of looking for furniture and fixtures that have a luxury look. The team wanted to not only look professional but be proud to walk into this space every week. In doing so, we hope our clients see we are not just students showing up for credits, but be able to provide quality service and for us to gain worthy experience.

The space design team started the process by looking for a conferences table that is good quality and can hold different functions. The large table chosen divides into six sections, allowing different committees to meet at the same time and utilize our time. Second, the team found a couch that would give the space a comfortable option for business meetings or for students to spend agency hours. We then looked for functional items like a mobile white board and cubbies for the students to store their belongings. These storage units will help keep the space looking neat and put-together.

While looking for inspiration, we found it helpful to start a shared Pinterest board. In the first stages of this process, it helped us find a theme and aesthetic we wanted to follow. It was also important for us to get inspiration from other agencies and successful businesses to see what they’re doing right. Research has found that dull and boring offices make it difficult for employees to find motivation. However, when entering an organized and good-looking workspace, employees feel inspired to work harder. Working on the space design team was a great experience. I was able to use my passion for interior design while also learning skills such as maintaining a budget.

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