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Getting Past the Gatekeepers: PR Guide to Pitches

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

In the field of Public Relations, making it through the cut is often rough. Here are some great tips to getting through the door and on the path to publishing content for the masses. The first step, ensure the fit is right for your pitch. It’s okay to start with a standard ‘shell’ media pitch. Adding these tips to the mix will help you come across polished and professional.

Research the publication

The first step, ensure the fit is right for your pitch. It may seem like a no-brainer, but before you dive in, confirm the publication, or blogger, will be worth the time and energy – for you and the editor who holds the key to admission. Who is the target audience? What's their reach? Do they have influence? Does their style mesh with the goals or objectives for your message? Review recent publications. Is the content relevant to the overall image?

Develop the pitch

Email isn't dead; it's still the preferred delivery method. The key elements are the subject line, the body, a call to action, and a signature. It's okay to start with a standard 'shell' media pitch. Take time to personalize your pitch to the publication or blogger. You want what you share to be current and on-trend. Don't just email blast your contact list!

The subject line must be genuine, concise, and creative to trigger interest to read on. Editors receive hundreds, if not thousands, of pitches daily. Be witty, detailed, give a sneak preview to tempt the reader, or risk the junk mail list!

The body needs to have an enticing lead—no need for embellishing text or being overly descriptive. Focus and get to the vital info, be specific, and use brevity. Think 3-5 sentences.

The call to action tells the audience what you want them to do, 'make the sale' with why your idea is excellent.

The signature should have your name, best contact number, email, and social media handles. For best practice, you should embed links to your website and social media for easy ways to connect with your work.

Follow up

The follow-up can be via phone or a direct message through a social media channel, but don't be annoying. Be prepared to refute your angle. Also know, your pitch is fair game for content in a blogger's world, so read the signals. Each pitch is a learning experience. If you are unsuccessful, reflect and grow.

Connecting with the right audience and format for your message is significant. Don’t throw spaghetti at the wall just to see what sticks. Be choosy. Take the time to tweak a few areas, personalize the pitch. Personalization separates you from the pack and allows you to stand out from the thousands of messages editors receive.

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