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How I Used My Schooling to Help a Daycare

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

I was able to use my graphic design skills that I learned in school to help a daycare.

I couldn’t be happier!

Graphic design is a booming field of work. It includes all different kinds of design work like making cartoons, painting, designing posters and billboards, and creating websites. Through my three years attending MSUM I have taken many graphic design classes and learned many useful skills. I have also had multiple internships where I worked as a visual designer; this is where I specialize.

Jasmin Childcare reached out to MSUM Flypaper to have some promotional work done. They wanted graphics for their social media to get more engagement and put themselves out there. The idea we agreed on was to create Instagram-sized, cute graphics for different national days. Days like hot chocolate day, kite day, popcorn day, etc.

I got to work with a couple other design students, and we were happy with this idea. First, I would look at the list of days I was given and pick one. After I had chosen a day, I would research that day to get an idea of what I wanted to make. I would also look at other images and get ideas from what other people have done. Finally, I would create the graphic. I mainly used Canva for this. Canva is an easy design website that anybody can use. I’d say it’s a designer’s best friend. I tried to make the graphics more child friendly since it was for a daycare. I also added the daycare’s logo into every post, so they had branding on it.

There are lots of benefits to these posts. They can post them on Instagram and Facebook and get more engagement. This increased engagement also helps brand awareness. Having these social media posts, even though they are just for fun days, can help get the daycare be seen more. Parents and supporters can repost and like these posts or share them with their friends. This in turn will help the daycare grow. I’ve spoken personally to the owners of Jasmin Childcare, and I can tell you that they love the kids and what they do. They don’t just want more business. They want better conditions for the kids and that is their number one priority.

Jasmin Childcare is a great place, and the workers love what they do. I am very glad that I got to support them even if it was just for a semester. I know that they will grow and prosper. They will achieve their goals of making life just a little bit better for these children and I love it. I’m happy that I got to use my own skills to help others.

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