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Enhance Your Brand with Pre-Roll Video

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Enhance Your Brand with Pre-Roll Video

If one of your biggest worries is increasing interaction and engagement in a way that improves overall ROI (Return on Investment), then pre-roll video is what you have been searching for. Video consumption is at an all-time high and its influence has no end in sight, the benefits pre-roll video offer are ones to consider in an era of media overload.

What is Pre-Roll Video?

Before we dive into the benefits of pre-roll, you may be wondering, what is pre-roll video? Pre-roll videos are short ads you see before you can access video content. You more than likely are familiar with this type of video content as common platforms like Facebook and YouTube serve several different types of video ads.

Pre-roll is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. In fact, research shows that pre-roll ads are highly effective across multiple metrics, like brand awareness, engagement, and purchase intent.

Benefits of Pre-Roll Video

Now that you know what pre-roll is – if you didn’t before, let’s go a little deeper into the benefits pre–roll video advertising offers.

1. Increases Ad Recall

Are you someone who retains a message more when it is watched versus read? According to Instapage, the average user remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, in comparison to 10% when it is read.

Videos have the power to generate higher ad recall – making pre-roll video a strong tactic to increase brand awareness and a moment to remember for your audience.

2. Increases Brand Awareness

Serving your ideal audience with pre-roll ads can help increase overall brand awareness. Video ads specifically can give your brand exposure in a form that your audience will crave. People tend to recall content in video form at a higher rate versus other advertising mediums. Utilizing pre-roll video can raise your brand’s top of mind awareness.

3. Target the Right Audience

Pre-roll advertising guarantees precise targeting. With the ability to target the right audience, based on interest, online behavior, geography, and much more. Ensuring you have specific demographics to target; your advertising campaign becomes more effective and less of a hassle.

Staying in front of and effectively reaching your audience can be a challenging task. With pre-roll video, reaching and interacting with your target audience does not have to be daunting.

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