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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Rebranding is necessary when you are drastically changing your marketing strategies and target audience. McDonald’s is such a well-known place that their rebranding didn’t slip right past our eyes, but made us wonder, why?

McDonald’s is easily the most popular restaurant across the globe. With over 85 percent of U.S. citizens going to a McDonald’s at least once a year. But have you noticed the changes in their restaurants in recent years? McDonald’s has changed their marketing strategies and it is quite evident in their restaurants.

Because McDonald’s is so cheap and readily available, it is a contributing factor to adult and childhood obesity. The documentary film, Super-Size Me, made it well known that McDonald’s is directly related to obesity. This caused consumers to start connecting McDonald’s to health and weight issues. So, in return McDonald’s is trying to get away from their unhealthy reputation and rebrand to an easy, affordable, and healthier option for consumers.

With children as their main target audience, numerous McDonald’s restaurants used to have a play area, and some were lucky enough to have a ball pit. McDonald’s was also a hot spot for children’s birthday parties. They advertised their Happy Meals and the new toys that came with them.

McDonald's used to bleed red and yellow. From the building to the happy meal box and even Ronald McDonald himself. McDonalds rebranded themselves in hopes of changing the way they were perceived. They wanted to add more healthy options and make it a more attractive place to eat. Their yellow and red colors identified them as unhealthy, so

McDonald’s wanted to dial those back on their packaging to resemble a healthier place.

After rebranding the restaurants, McDonald’s restaurants now look less appealing to children and give a more contemporary feel. It uses dark colors and sleek new furniture to create a whole new vibe under their roof. Along with the new look, they have incorporated technology into how you order and pay. They have large screens to order, which make it less appealing for children and almost impossible for them to order themselves. Play areas are also vanishing due to health concerns with both injuries and illness in mind.

Rebranding is nothing to fear. In most cases it will spark interest from a new audience. McDonald’s is a great example of a successful rebranding. They changed small things like their packaging and added a few healthier options to their menu, while also changing the whole look of their restaurants. This better represents them as a place to eat without being categorized as unhealthy.

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