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Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Social Media

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When working on your brand’s marketing, keeping your social media fresh might be the last thing on your mind. There are so many facets of advertising, and none move faster than social media. It may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way! By keeping a few simple rules in mind, you can stay on top of your social media and boost your engagement.

Consider your target audience. 

Many people might think this tip is already obvious - of course you know who you want your posts to reach! However, this step is crucial. If you are not targeting the right audience, all of your other efforts will fall on deaf ears. To start, be conscientious of the platforms you use. A presence solely on Facebook is unlikely to attract many Gen Z-ers, just as a TikTok campaign probably won't generate interest from Baby Boomers.  Once you know your platform or platforms, you need to consider that audience with every post. Is the content you share relevant and interesting to that audience? If the content you post doesn’t match the consumer group your brand is geared to, then generating interest becomes difficult. 

Consider your brand’s “vibe.” 

In a sea of social media advertisements, will consumers be able to identify the posts you have made as yours without seeing the name? Successful brands like Nike and Apple maximize their online presence by sticking to predetermined guidelines that dictate how their posts will look. On a simple level, you can achieve this by sticking with the same colors and fonts in each post.

For example, Apple’s Instagram is full of professional-looking photographs, often of unique people and landscapes. None of their photos are black and white or highly filtered. Instead, they all use the same bright and bold color palette. This uniformity effectively gets the consumer's attention, draws notice to the quality of their phone cameras, and makes Apple users seem adventurous, unique, and daring. 

Maximize your posting with a schedule. 

 Now that you know whom you are targeting and what the aesthetic of the posts will look like. The scheduling of the posts needs to be planned out. Active social media accounts will post anywhere from multiple times a week to several times a day. Posting once a month no longer cuts it. While you shouldn’t post so much that you spam user feeds and annoy them into unfollowing. An active and well-planned presence is essential. 

Take a look at the next few months on a calendar. What will your customers be shopping for during this time? What topics are relevant? You can answer these questions and plan your content out in advance. This way, there is no scrambling to prepare on the day you plan to post. 

Now that you know these three basic tips, you’re one step closer to social media success. Remember to stay consistent and open to creativity!

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