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Social Media is Cool and All, But Have You Ever Read a Book?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes Instagram just hits. However, over the pandemic, I found myself feeling down. Very down. Even when society started to pick itself up again, I still felt low and below my old self. I couldn’t help but wonder if Netflix and social media are all I have in life. When talking to my friends and reading things online, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. I wasn’t the only one drained of motivation and stuck in the loop of swiping and liking. It felt like a never-ending dream, and I couldn’t scream myself awake. Do you feel this way? I know some of you do. You can’t do homework; you can’t go to the gym; your dishes may be sitting in your sink…for a few days. Why can’t you make it stop? Let me tell you what it is.

It is your phone.

Now before you roll your eye and say whatever, it's true. We spent a lengthy amount of time with nothing but our phones stuck in a world where sickness and social dilemmas rampaged around us. Humans seek instant gratification. During the pandemic, our phones were one of the only things that could give us that. We became hooked on blue lights. And now, as life starts to pick up - we’ve slowed down. We are here wondering where the old me went. Jokes on us, they’re still there. We’re just stuck in the fake reality we all feel obligated to participate in.

So you want that old you? The Old Me?

Stop looking at your phone in the morning. This isn’t some cheesy DIY crap you read from Pinterest How to Make a Gen Z Less Depressed guide. No. I am serious. Stop looking at your phone in the morning. ACTUALLY, TRY. Eat your breakfast, take a shower, get ready for the day; all while not looking at your phone.

When you have a 3 hour break between classes, what are you going to do? Go on your phone? Yeah, sure, maybe for a little bit. Let’s try reading a book instead. Yeah yeah, I can feel the millenial annoyance wafting my way. But for real, have you ever tried something super entertaining that doesn’t have a screen? Anything before 2016 doesn’t count.

We spent months watching everything around us happen while not doing anything about our lives at the moment. Now, we are going to switch it and live our lives in the present moment. I’m not saying get rid of your phone forever. I’m saying use it, but don’t abuse it. Our lives are meant to have a purpose. When you sit in front of a screen for hours in the same spot, you’re not helping yourself. At all. You’re letting yourself go through the bare minimum to get by, and that’s why you feel like crap. Change it. You can do it. I did it. I even read a book, and I’m dyslexic.

So, said with love:

Get off your phone and read a book.

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