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The Best Social Media Management Systems

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Social Media Management systems are becoming more sought after than ever before. Why is this you may ask? Because they meet the needs of all your social media functions. Including marketing, engagement, customer service, listening, and PR. They are able pull in information from all of your social platforms and help you manage your content in the easiest way possible.

Not only are you able to manage and post content from these systems but you can get in depth analytics of accounts as well as see how you compare to your competition. These analytics are typically put into easy to read graphics, making reading your analytics fun and interesting. Some of the Social Media Management systems I feel like are doing this the best are Iconosquare and Sprout Social. Of course I’m sure there are plenty more that work great, but from the ones I have worked with, I have had the best experience with these two systems.

The feature I find the most interesting in these systems is the listening tab. Specifically the listening tab in Sprout Social. In this tab you can track mentions of your brand, your competitors, and even select keywords. You can get a report on the perceptions of an upcoming campaign or monitor an audience's response to a conference or event.

Overall, Social Media Management systems are making the lives of Marketing Professionals a lot easier. They can even work wonders for an individual looking for social media growth. Do your research and find what system will benefit you the most and get growing!

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