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  • Sheyenne Norberg

The Importance of Advertising on Social Media

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Technology is everywhere. Everywhere you go you see some sort of technology. Whether it be phones, computers, televisions, tablets, you cannot escape it. There are many variations of the same thing and almost everyone owns at least some form of it. What's on most devices? Social media.

Over the last few years social media has expanded beyond what anyone could have predicted. The internet is accessible to most people whether it be at school, a public library, or a personal device. This makes it easily accessible for all ages to access and have social media, from your great grandpa’s Facebook account to your little sister’s Instagram account. This means there is a large audience available at your fingertips.

This means that advertising on social media is so important. Social media makes it easier for your advertisements to reach your target market. The way social media metrics work means that you can place targeted ads that have better reach to your audience versus placing a print ad that would not have as much immediate reach. With social media ads you can also track things such as the reach of your ad, who clicked on it, how many people have seen it, etc. With a print ad, you don’t get as many specifics.

So, while there are many different forms for ads, social media ads are important for companies. With the many versatile things, you can do with social media ads and the multitude of different audiences you can reach. I think they are worth it.

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