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The Importance of Branding

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

A company’s brand should reflect their logo, colors, product, overall attitude, and voice. Forbes mentions a passage that is perfect when talking about the importance of branding. “Branding allows you to build relations with your audience, which can eventually turn them into loyal customers.”


Your logo can be simple, it should be eye catching, and have great recall. An example of a logo would be Nike’s swoosh. The logo is important because it will be printed on every item your company puts out, whether its clothing, tractor equipment, or anything in between. A logo is a nonverbal way for a customer to realize this item is from your company.


Your colors should complement each other and be the most used if not only used colors you use. If you have a website, app, cards, etc., they should all follow the same color scheme. It makes your organization look professional, clean and polished. If you went to a website and there was every color it would look extremely disorganized and hard to follow. By choosing just a few main colors not only will that look more organized, but it also helps the customer recall your brand. When thinking of green and yellow, I think of John Deer, when thinking of orange and black, I think Harley Davidson. That should be the goal with your company.


I will use Nike as an example. When you think Nike you don’t only think shoes you also think of sports equipment, athletic apparel and so on. What you don’t think when you think Nike is a tractor. Nike has made it their mission to specialize in one area, giving the consumer better brand recall. Basically, you want to stay on message, so it is easier for the consumer to remember your brand and continue their brand loyalty.


One of the best examples of a brand voice/attitude is Wend's Twitter. They have been known for tweeting some very Ziggy remarks back at competitors, giving them a lot of great PR due to the comedy factor. People were genuinely interested in what was Wendy’s going to say! On the flip side of that Planet Fitness also has a great attitude/voice and theirs is that it is a place for everyone to work out. They have cultivated a fitness center where anyone can go without judgment. Both great voices but complete opposite. Both effective in brand awareness, and brand recall.

Once you have chosen your logo, colors, product, and attitude/voice. It will be much easier for costumers to remember your brand and continue to use it causing brand loyalty, and even recommend to their friends for some great word of mouth publicity.

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