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The Importance of Video Advertising on Social Media

If you're looking to try a more creative advertisement, then video is for you. With video advertising, you can communicate the character of a brand in less than five minutes and tell stories that elicit emotion, bring nostalgia, influence who consumers trust and help make sense of complex information. Video has the advantage of being able to incorporate trending music, dances, or people into video that would gain consumer attention. Video also has the advantage of being able to engage consumers longer, share stories about the consumers and convert to different platforms and devices easily.

Video can become a critical marketing strategy when coming up with content because it’s short, memorable, measurable, trackable and engaging. The advertiser is able to gain key information about their consumer base, such as linking videos directly to another site they’re helping to influence and see what resonates with the consumers based on using content engagement analytics to track what’s more engaging. By doing this, the advertiser is able to inspire marketing specific actions (trial, subscriptions, etc.)

Video advertising is a fun way to engage consumers, but there are also advantages for doing so. Below is a list of video marketing benefits:

  • Grow Revenue

  • Influence Buying Decisions

  • Give the People What They Want

  • Rank Higher in Search

  • Increase Traffic

  • Get More Backlinks

  • Drive Conversions

  • Reach Decision Makers

  • Crush Email Sends

  • Rack Up Shares

These are the reasons why video advertising is important on social media and how video can help advertisers to reach more consumers and build trust between them and a brand while also being able to track their progress along with information that might be needed. Video brings the best of both an engaging way to attract consumers and a great way to view information needed to grow the brand.

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