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Why Influencer Marketing Might Be Right for Your Business

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When your favorite internet influencer raves about a product or service it's hard not to be curious. Does the product really perform as well as the stranger online claims? It’s really a big guessing game when it comes to knowing who to trust on the internet.

Most of Gen Z has at least a couple of influencers that they follow closely enough to trust. This sense of trust means they are more likely to consider purchasing a product that is recommended to them by one of these influencers. For this reason, influencer marketing has become very popular in the past few years.

Influencer marketing occurs when a brand partners with an online celebrity for a post or video. Usually, the influencer spends some time talking about the product and recommending that their followers try it. In return, the influencer receives some sort of compensation. Whether that be a set rate of pay, commission on sales, or something else that is decided prior to the post going live.

There are many benefits to influencer marketing for both the brand and the influencer. Let’s chat about why your business should try influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing can help increase your brand’s reach tremendously. Look at it this way, your brand and the influencer you collaborate with have two separate audiences. Even though there is likely some overlap between them, your brand name is being exposed to the entire audience of the influencer. Even people who have heard about your brand before might feel more inclined to make a purchase now that they know their favorite influencer uses the product.

Working with an established online celebrity can also increase your brand’s viral potential. When someone with a large social media following starts to promote a product, the potential for the product to go viral dramatically increases. Often, influencers have a large reach due to their content being shared among audience members. If the post gains enough momentum, you could have a viral video within hours!

Another benefit of influencer marketing is that it builds trust with both new and current customers. Most influencers have already established strong relationships with their audience. That being said, if an influencer claims they rely on a product or brand, it builds a sense of trust for the consumer.

These are only a few reasons influencer marketing might be the right decision for your brand. Influencer marketing is a fun and creative way to gain more brand awareness. I may not be an internet influencer, but I recommend you give influencer marketing a try for your business.

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