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Women in Sports Media

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

There’s a current TikTok sound going around talking about women working in the NFL. To quote, “This is for all the women in the world of sports, especially the sport of football, it has a setting, it’s set to men.” Another quote in it talks about football and says, “Funny to hear a female talk about routes.” This trend was taken over by women working in the sports industry by showing off their work. They used the sound and posted photos working in the sports industry, either on the field, on the sidelines or wherever, showing off that women can work in sports and will continue to do so.

For years, the sports industry has been dominated by men. It's frowned upon when women say that they are going into the sports industry, and currently ESPN writes that 75% of the industry is made up of men. As a woman in media and whose goal is to work in the sports industry, this is frustrating to me.

People are making it harder for women to get a job in sports by reinforcing the idea that women don’t belong in sports. Women must prove they belong in the sports industry. I think people should be given the same chance and not choose one candidate over another for a job based on their gender. Look at just the facts, and not the faces of the candidates. As we are on the topic of looks, I believe people think women in sports are just a pretty face and are there for the company to get more views, which goes along with the statement above that mentions “it's funny to hear a female talk about routes.”

I understand that not all women want to work in sports or have an understand of sports, but I think women need to advocate on behalf of other women for roles in the sports industry. If a woman wants to publicly announce an NFL football game, then who should stop her except her own ambition?

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